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Who I am

Hello everyone, future married couples, and welcome to the site of Franck Burlaud studio.

A few words of introduction to tell you who I am. I began my photographic career in the travel story and I got to like people watching and to represent them in their environment. Today I am a reporter in the world of marriage. I tell your story, the story of your day in pictures.

I will not ask you to make beautiful smiles looking at me, I will not let you make poses and at no time I will direct you where you put the scene in any way whatsoever. In short, I do not interfere in the running of your day, and to do your day.

The style I practice, and how I eat is called picture documentary wedding photojournalism or wedding. I strive to photograph moments, glances, emotions naturally and genuine.

If you find yourself in this way to see the wedding, so I'd love to work with you.

06 25 95 15 98

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